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Brand Architecture

While Branding is all about creating a cognitive differentiation through impactful visual representations, Brand Architecture is an integrated process of brand building which aims to establish the relationships between a parent brand and a family of sub-brands. Brand Architecture is desirable to have at the branding or brand identity creation stage itself to allow for scalability or brand-extensions in the future and it is an imperative where there are multiple brands within a portfolio to ensure consistency. Given our adept understanding of the Branding space, at YOUNG we play the role of Brand Architects for our clients and help design a complete Brand Architecture which is in sync with the market as well as the company’s vision and future strategy.

Young - Advertising, Creative, Brand Strategy, Design, Media, Digital


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  • Design as Strategy

    September 06, 2015

    Once confined to branding, communication & production development, design thinking has become central to strategy today. In the past 5 years, we have worked with several large, medium and small companies. In our role as a Creative agency, we were not limited in our thinking to only branding and communication. Our philosophy was to take a holistic approach to a client “How to use design thinking to make great things actually happen”. So here are a few nuggets of how one can differentiate a parity product through design.