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Ekta Happy Hours

YOUNG Creative Services’ HOUSING HAPPY HOURS Campaign for EKTA World : breaking the clutter by connecting with the consumers’ expectations

A difficult market calls for differentiated communication  - this is the core insight with which the YOUNG Creative Services team embarked on the journey towards coming up with an interesting communication concept for EKta World.

The outcome of this has been a very different and disruptive communication thought and creative execution which connects with the single-most critical factor which excites any consumer – i.e. Happy Hours or a window for purchase at favorable prices. After all, whether it is a shopper at a retail outlet or a customer at a restaurant , Happy Hours is surely a drawing factor which cuts across all customer segment, demographics and psychographics. Then can’t there be Happy Hours for Real Estate buyers.

With the Housing Happy Hours concept as the central pillar of communication YOUNG Creative Services team has weaved out a very vibrant and disruptive visual imagery which captures the limited period offer – 504 hours (21 day booking window), in a very upfront, graphic and impactful manner. To add to the overall impact of the campaign, YOUNG has also scripted and recorded a very peppy jingle – the objective being to create a ‘hummable’ tune and a jingle that blends in with the Radio Channel’s content in terms of entertainment value rather than being a run-of-the mill disruption in programming which most of the other real estate jingles are perceived as.

YOUNG Creative Services’ concept and creative was selected by Ekta World from amongst multiple agencies pitching for this campaign that is being rolled out in November 2017.

Vivek Mohanani, Managing Director, Ekta World says “we found the idea and concept of Happy Hours which was presented by YOUNG very fresh and engaging from the customers’ perspective . Given the fact that Ekta World has an array of projects at various price point on offer, the concept of Housing Happy Hours blended in perfectly with our objective of creating a limited period umbrella tactical promotion under which all our projects could be offered to potential buyers.

 YOUNG Creative Services is a Mumbai based full services creative agency which has been in existence since 2010. Though engaged with an array of categories in terms of creative duties, YOUNG by virtue of some interesting campaigns developed for real estate brands that it works with, has achieved a kind of category expertise and is the go-to agency when it comes to differentiated and result-oriented advertising campaigns in the Real Estate sector.

Young - Advertising, Creative, Brand Strategy, Design, Media, Digital


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