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Sankpal Realty, a hitherto unknown real estate developer was launching a high-end luxury villa project in Lonavla. The developer, though completely unknown, had an ambitious plan for the villa project, wherein each villa would be customized with exclusive state of the art interior fittings and amenities – Versace tiles, Bang & Olufsen Home Theatres, Bose ambient speakers in the external walkway, and so on. The idea was to create a product which offered the finest and appealed to the crème-de-la-crème in terms of differentiation and luxury. 

The challenges were numerous – an unknown developer, cluttered micro market with many established brands such as Lodha, Tatas, Della, etc. having already launched villa projects at Lonavla, a high investment product with minimum ticket size of Rs. 3.5 crores going to Rs. 9 crores. Simply put, it was a challenge of a David v/s many Goliaths, with the added challenge of creating a stature for David which matched up to Goliaths right from the launch stage.


The first step was to evaluate the challenges at hand and arrive at the best way to establish a name, brand identity, perceptual imagery, look and feel, and overall positioning for the product which would enable it to be pitched at an elevated level. In a way that all the luxuriousness and the locational advantages ooze out in an amplified manner and the constraint of it being launched by a first time developer takes a back seat in the minds of audiences. 

The next step was to treat the villa elevations as the hero of the communication. For this, there were a lot of intricate creative directions with regard to renderings and lightings which were required. YOUNG took the lead in this and structured an alignment with a specialized rendering agency which was adept at villa and bungalow projects.


The name Sajala, which was created by YOUNG, not only gave an Indian contemporary appeal to the project, but was also descriptive of the scenic location where it was located. Sajala stands for clouds in Sanskrit, and since the location of the project was such that every moment (especially during monsoons) there was a cloud cover, this was a perfect fit and added to the overall appeal perfectly.

The positioning and the brand tag-line “Ultra Luxury Nature Habitats” beautifully captured the essence of the project, and also helped it clearly stand-out amongst the larger players.

The entire campaign was created by using smart headlines and copy which addressed the uber class, and CEOs, with the beautifully rendered villa elevations occupying centre-stage.

All the collaterals – brochure, site branding, etc., were weaved in with the luxury theme.

The clear outcome is reflected in terms of sales wherein, Sankpal Realty managed to sell 6 villas in the launch phase itself, within a 2 month period. Given that the ticket size was an average of Rs 3.5 crores to Rs 6 crores, this amounted in substantial revenues – almost Rs 25 crores to Rs 30 crores worth of sales - being accrued to the developer within a short span.


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Young - Advertising, Creative, Brand Strategy, Design, Media, Digital


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