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Dosti Vihar Magical Tour Campaign

DOSTI REALTY | Rs 500 Cr + turnover | Units starting $ 50,000/- to $ 7,50,000/-


With Gudipadva around the corner, Dosti wanted to create a campaign that would enable them to break the communication clutter that arises during this period, generate foot falls at the Vihar site and drive sales for Dosti Vihar.


YOUNG welcomed this opportunity with arms wide open. After a series of thoroughly planned out brain storming sessions, YOUNG came up with the “Magical tour” concept for Dosti Vihar. The campaign ran from the 12th to the 30th of March. This concept’s core strength was based on the fact that the campaign combined experiential branding with communication from other traditional mediums of TV, print, outdoor and the like. The experiential branding involved a tour of the site in a car for the target audience. The site visit was turned from a mundane experience to a fun-filled experience that could be shared by the entire family. A site level change was brought about in look and feel with warmth and friendliness becoming the core of all customer touch points.

The time bound offers and incentives, acted as a motivator for the target audience to convert their interest into buying behavior.


The pleasant site visit experience led to word-of-mouth communication about the campaign. This combined with the other comprehensive mediums that were used, led to a large number of foot falls, along with lead generation and conversions. All in all, the campaign managed to accomplish the objectives that were set out for it.


Market Research, Brand Philosophy, Advertising & Communication, Sales Team Training & Briefing, Media Planning & Buying

Young - Advertising, Creative, Brand Strategy, Design, Media, Digital


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