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  • Abu Thomas

    Business Head & AVP

    With over 14 years of experience in Advertising, and having worked across a wide range of categories, Abu shies calling himself a veteran. He calls himself a student…of marketing communication. A student who wears many a hats as the role demands. For sometimes he is bulldozer removing the roadblocks for his team and at times he is a mentor and agony uncle for his team. At times he acts as a punching bag for the clients to remove their frustration and at times he becomes “The Wise One” for them. At times he is brainstorming with the team on proactive work or at times you will see him working the telephone trying to establish a contact with some brand. Never a dull moment in this profession and that’s what keeps him going. A workaholic by nature…he unwinds usually on weekends over a book and some music for company and some chatter with his wife and daughter.

  • Amit Rane

    Studio Executive

    On an ideal Sunday, you will find Amit lounging in the grass humming along to old classics, as he waits for his turn to bat on the field. Also, if he had his way, he would drop everything and travel the world on his bike.

  • Aniket Gomane

    Office Assistant

    Solely responsible for keeping the office up during late nights and early mornings, Aniket keeps those coffee shots coming till we can’t take no more. He also single-handedly keeps us cads clean and civilized.

  • Anup Kotekar

    Co-promoter & Director

    It's a question that bogs down virtually every entity in the space of creative communication. How does a brand get itself to be seen, heard and remembered amidst all that media clutter? Young gets its answer to this one with Anup Kotekar, a senior media expert with top drawer experience in media marketing and management. Anup's career has had long and rewarding stopovers at the Times of India - where he was involved in hard-core media marketing for 12 years, WPP – where he set new benchmarks as the National Head (Sales) and Group M. Anup has also been a part of the core team which set up India's first retail media company Future Media – where he served as the Business Head for the audio visual media vertical.

  • Baban Lokhande

    Studio Executive

    Baban likes the speed of his curveballs to be directly proportional to the speed of his bikes. However, when not indulging his need for speed, he dabbles in mellower things in life such as discovering new albums, action movies, and photography.

  • Clarissa D'cunha

    Trainee Account Executive

    Clarissa has a strong desire to travel around the world and explore new places. BIG TIME FOODIE. All she needs on a weekend is a sitcom to binge watch and all sort of junk food to go with it. Always got a smile on her face. She believes in keeping yourself grounded no matter how much you've achieved in life, there's always something more to look forward to.

  • Hrushikesh Shetye

    Art Director

    A keen observer, quick practitioner, and a man of few select monosyllables, Hrushikesh is on a constant quest to explore new avenues, and do other things usually found in motivational posters. His passions include leaving the world behind on his bike with classic tunes in the background. In a leather jacket, we’d like to imagine.

  • Jacintha Cutinho

    Executive Assistant

    Nature lover, traveller, meat eater, compulsive shopper and a believer, Jacintha’s is the first face you’ll see when you walk into Young. Lucky you, because you wouldn’t know what sparkles more - her matching accessories or that charming smile. If you ask her, she’d tell you that once she’s rich and famous, she’ll be spending the rest of her life lounging somewhere in the Himalayas.

  • Jitendra Boricha

    Business Head - Media Alliance & Sales

    Jitendra, along with being an expert media strategist, is also an avid learner. Armed with an MBA in marketing, he has previously lent his expertise to leading media establishments such as Times of India, Mid Day and Radio City. Needless to say, he brings vast knowledge and experience to the agency. At Young, he has taken up the challenge of creating and marketing new business initiatives in the media vertical. Interested in fresh, innovative avenues to explore, he’s always on a lookout for new and effective media offerings for our clients.

  • Lloyd Pereira

    Business Evangelist

    With over 16 years of experience with media and entertainment giants like The Times Of India, Hindustan Times, India Today, Eros International, People Interactive, Optimystix Entertainment, Go Fish Entertainment etc., Lloyd provides Young with a wealth of experience. Besides this experience across conventional media, he has also set up and successfully led business teams in the digital media space. He has also managed businesses in the Film and TV entertainment space as well. One who is always up for a challenge with the never-ending enthusiasm of a newbie in the industry. Also passionate about dogs, Lloyd would gladly spend his free time in the company of these four-legged friends.

  • Manashree Rane

    Art Director

    Manashree likes living her life through the lens of her DSLR. In love with animals, nature, and everything in perfect lighting, she’d like nothing more than to take her camera to see the rest of the world.

  • Prakash Chowkekar

    Studio Manager

    PC our Studio Head, has the heart of a classical music virtuoso and the hands of an expert tabla player. A lover of the harmonium and sudden spurts of singing, he believes that a life worth living is a life coloured with hobbies. He stands by the age old motto of ‘build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs’. Hear hear.

  • Prathamesh Prabhu

    Digital Evangelist

    A media enthusiast by nature, Prathamesh has 6 years of experience in Digital Marketing. Having worked across functions including Account Planning, Client S-lave-ervcing and Social Media, Prathamesh takes a keen interest in Films, Graffiti, Football and Social Services. When there's no work on his plate, he is found taking long strolls with his son, or running on a football field. One of his long term goals is to build an innovative company that is run completely by the disabled.

  • Ramdas Pawar

    Office Assistant

    Ramdas, with his crisp collection of shirts, is the man who will patiently wait with you late into the night. Everyday management aside, you can always count on him for everything from keeping you up to keeping you fed.

  • Richard Mendes

    Chief Manager - ad sales

    Richard, once a party hopper, now enjoys quiet evenings with mellow classics. A die-hard sports enthusiast, his weekends usually comprise of football and a plethora of other sports. A never-say-die spirit, he believes that your attitude can change your life.

  • Sachin Pirkar

    Office Assistant

    While the rest of us sing a different tune, Sachin happily spends his day humming the latest Rakhi Sawant hit. With a smile that can light up a country, he’s the proud keeper of the office’s playlist.

  • Sachin Rane

    Art Director

    Sachin is a quiet mop of hair dwelling in the left corner of the office. Only a martini, shaken, stirred and twisted, can get a smile and a handful of words out of him. In an ideal world, he’d like to spend his days listening to old Bollywood hits and hitting sixers, but currently he makes do by winning awards of all shapes and sizes for his spectacular art.

  • Sangram Sawant

    Studio Executive

    The quieter you are, the more you can hear. This is certainly true in the case of Sangram - the person with a perennial happy face. Never one to shy away from any kind of assistance on work, he is also the one responsible for almost all of the content in its various formats on our website. One of the un-work-related things that Sangram likes to listen to is Bollywood & remix music. We assume he does this in silence too.

  • Sanjay Patil

    Head - Client Solutions

    Everyone close to Sanjay knows that the way to his heart is a little bit of affection and a lot of chicken. His gastronomic love affair takes him around the city searching for food to satisfy his soul. A fiercely loyal friend, he constantly strives to excel at work and otherwise.

  • Sanju Ayyar

    Creative Director - Copy

    An MBA in Marketing, Sanju has worked with network agencies as well as independent ones. He has 15 years of industry experience across industry verticals like Automobile, Consumer Durables, FMCG, Healthcare, Fashion, Real Estate, Retail and Events. A firm believer in doing idea-driven work based on sound consumer insight, Sanju feels that creativity can give brands an unfair advantage in the market. Besides advertising, he loves cricket, cinema, cooking and casinos. His other interests include typography and graphology. On weekends, he likes to spend time with friends over military rum and some well-made dhansak.

  • Sonali Arora

    Sr. Client Servicing Executive

    An experience seeker; Sonali loves exploring new places, gets excited about experiencing new things and loves taking up new challenges in life. Arts and crafts are what she holds close as it gives her the opportunity to explore her creativity. Sonali also loves cooking yummy food in her free time. This leads us to a question. When do we get to taste some of this deliciousness, Sonali?

  • Sudhir Bajirao

    Sales Executive

    Sudhir is just passionate about his work and believes in hard work, he aims to be the very best in whatever he does. A compulsive foodie, loves to travel and enjoy the beauty of nature.

  • Swati Khandera

    Account Officer

    Swati likes to dance through life on the tune of Working Man, her magic fingers expertly playing with numbers, feeding her life-long affair with finance. When not busy trying to keep us away from her box full of change, she enjoys going to places, buying things, reading and music.

  • Tapas Deb

    Account Director

    Tapas’ core functional strengths include creating and overseeing marketing and promotional strategies. He uses his marketing acumen to identify and analyze the marketing trends of competitors in the industry. His expertise lies in using appropriate marketing channels to bring the target audience closer to selling entities. A post-graduate diploma in Advertisement, Communication and Marketing with a career spanning more than a decade, Tapas has served in senior marketing roles in prestigious corporates like FCB Ulka and Lowe Lintas. He was part of the team that won the first prize at the Global Professional Baby Awards 2013 for Johnson and Johnson Babycare “Segmented communication to paediatricians”. He was also a key member of the team that bagged the Silver at PMAA 2006 for Best Use of Innovative Communication Strategy for Nokia DYT.

  • Veena Kotian

    Accounts Manager

    Living life with the Sound Of Music soundtrack playing in the background, Veena is one of those few people who can say things like ‘life is beautiful’ and ‘power is within us’ and make it sound believable and inspiring. When not spreading smiles, she can be found sprawled on a secluded beach at a beautiful somewhere with a book, living by the famous motto: You get the drinks and I’ll get the suntan lotion.

  • Wilfred Fernandes

    Founder & Director

    Innovative thinking at Young begins right at the top. With a reputation for cutting through marketing clutter with fresh business approaches, Wilfred Fernandes keeps the momentum at Young going with initiatives that take it out of the league of its contemporaries. The founder of Young distributes his zeal and energies between overseeing the performance of all Young verticals, driving new business development, and thinking up big ideas to set Young apart from the crowd. Not really a surprising package to expect from a professional who has pioneered several innovations during his 14 year stint at the Bennett Coleman Company Group, the Times Property supplement being a fitting example. Wilfred has also been the Chief Marketing Officer at Ekta World.

  • Zunaibiya Kothary

    Client Servicing Executive

    An adventurous soul always on the lookout for a new town or city to visit and explore. She is undecided between dogs and pandas as her choice of favourite animal, and in an ideal world would adopt both. She doesn't shy away from new experiences, especially when it comes to food and is a big foodie herself. In her spare time she likes baking and quilling. Zunaibiya is a hardworking and motivated individual, ready to learn and improve every day.

Young - Advertising, Creative, Brand Strategy, Design, Media, Digital


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